• VP Commercial Banker

    Village Bank - Blaine
    Job Description

    Position Summary:


    Under direct supervision of Chief Credit Officer, responsible for selling new commercial relationships by effectively presenting our products and services, interview customers, analyzing financial information, making credit decisions up to lending authority, handling collection of commercial loans, and monitoring the commercial overdrafts.  Handles a small to medium loan portfolio in terms of dollar volume and size, and works in conjunction with loan committee when making credit decisions.  This position will analyze and review credit, loan structure and documents that are less complex in nature.   This position works to ensure commercial lending compliance with Loan Policy and bank regulations.  This position will participate in cross-selling deposit, cash management, retail, and other bank services.  This position is involved in various community organizations and represents Village Bank throughout the community in appropriate community events. Teams with others, assisting with relationship management, ongoing customer communication and active cross selling of related products/services.  Performs all job responsibilities according to compliance and audit requirements.


    Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the followingOther duties or tasks may be assigned as required.  Management may modify, change or add to the duties of this description at any time without notice.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.




    Portfolio Management    40%


    • Manages all aspects of borrowing relationship, loan closings and ongoing customer communication.   Generates new commercial loans that are small and less complex in nature in terms of dollar volume and size, customers and fee income.
    • Develops and/or maintains loan portfolio up to $30 million consisting of smaller credits approved within guidelines.
    • Collects past due and charge-off loans according to policy and within plan.
    • Spreads financial statements as requested.  Reviews incoming financial statements.  Updates and/or completes financial spreads and covenant monitoring worksheets.
    • Provides written financial statement analysis for credit presentations, completes file comments and annual reviews.  Prepares for and presents at Loan Committee meetings.
    • Completes analysis of Accounts Receivable Aging and Borrowing Base Certificates received from borrowers.  Performs collateral audits as requested.


    • Maintains knowledge and understanding of the Bank’s Loan Policy and Credit Administration Procedures and performs all responsibilities according to these guidelines.
    • Develops and maintains knowledge of loan related compliance and documentation issues.
    • Responsible for successful retention of clients with risk ratings of 1-5.


    Business Development   20 %


    • Conducts joint calling, cold calling, appointment scheduling, meets with prospects and referral sources to generate commercial contact leads.  Completes 6 calls per month to develop new business relationships and 6 calls per month on existing customers. 
    • Sells Bank products including Commercial DDA, Cash Management and On-line Banking to generate fee income. 
    • Grows loan portfolio in accordance with overall Bank goals.


    Risk Management   30 %


    • Makes credit decision up to the lending authority.
    • Obtains credit approval authorities from Branch Loan Committee, Executive Loan Committee, and Directors Loan Committee as required.
    • Collects or arranges for collection of delinquent commercial loans and overdrafts.
    • Reviews credits and develops action plans for distressed loans.
    • Follows Loan Policy with no material undocumented and unapproved exceptions for individual portfolio to help ensure a compliance rating of satisfactory or better.
    • Ensures all loans are properly approved and all loan documents are prepared in accordance with the approval.  Documentation of such approval is required.  No exceptions to approval guidelines.
    • Ensures all overdrafts are properly handled and approval received as required.


    Other   10 %


    • Continuously pursues a more efficient and profitable Commercial Lending function through new and improved processes and procedures.
    • Performs other tasks as assigned.
    • Completes other duties as requested. 
    • Support the office staff when necessary
    • Attend required training sessions to develop relevant knowledge and skills
    • Attend bank meetings as required.
    • Promote Village Bank through attendance and participation with community organizations, charitable events, civic groups, etc.
    • Promote, support and demonstrate the Mission, Vision and Core Values of Village Bank.
    • Adhere to relevant health and safety laws and policies
    • Attendance is considered an essential function of the job.




    LIMITS OF AUTHORITY:  These define the authority of the job holder and specific limits of authority in decision-making, direct supervision, expenditure, and other activities.


    • Official Checks – up to $500,000; over $500,000 requires authorized signer or second signer over $500,000.
    • Wire Transfers – up to $250,000.00
    • Secured Lending Limit - up to $100,000
    • Ready Reserve or Unsecured - up to $10,000
    • Overdrafts - aggregate up to $10,000
    • Charge offs - $1,000
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