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    Clive's Roadhouse Blaine
    Job Description

    Hosts are an essential part of Clive’s operation. At Clive’s, our hosts are the first people our guest’s see, they are also our last. Hosts at Clive’s must utilize teamwork and time management to be successful. Hosts are responsible for timing and pacing server sections and the restaurant. They are expected to exceed the expectations of all our guests that enter the building.

    Qualifications & Skills:

    • Be able to communicate and understand English.
    • Possess excellent basic math skills and have the ability to operate Micros system.
    • Must have customer-orientated approach and patience along with excellent people skills.
    • Be able to work in a standing position for long periods of time (up to 5 hours).
    • Be able to reach, bend, stoop, and frequently lift up to 50 pounds.

    Duties & Responsibilities

    • Understand completely all policies, procedures, standards,
      specifications, and guidelines.
    • Be on the floor in full uniform, smile included, with a positive attitude, a thorough understanding of the day’s specials or any product changes & special events, and ready to go 5 minutes before scheduled time.
    • Ensure that all guests feel welcome and are given responsive, friendly and courteous service at all times.
    • Have a complete follow through on the entire “Sequence of Service” for all guests.
    • Keep the host stand and front entry clean and well stocked. (Menus clean and organized, wait lists on hand, extra pens, paper to take phone messages on, crayons and kids’ coloring menus.) The guest that arrives halfway through a rush should experience the same service at Clive’s as the first guest of the day.
    • Hosts are responsible for making sure the restrooms are stocked and cleaned at all times.
    • Hosts are responsible for checking the ashtrays outside and emptying them when necessary.
    • Hosts are responsible for answering the phone within two rings and answering a guest’s question accurately or directing the call appropriately.
    • Hosts are responsible for ensuring the “Clive’s Specials” board is accurate, legibly written and displayed for guests to read.
    • Hosts are to ensure guests’ experiences were exceeded during their visit and if not, to let a manager know so it may be corrected it before the guest leaves.
    • Hosts are to smile and be at their station at all times. When possible, the host should be holding the front door open for guests as they enter and exit the building.
    • Hosts are responsible for operating a wait list during times when it is needed. They are also responsible for properly explaining our wait-time quoting policy to guests when they arrive.
    • If it is slow, help your fellow staff members. Stock a side station, wipe a countertop, bus a table, clean a window… prepare the restaurant for the busy time we know is coming soon! Be aware of what’s going on around you.

    Brand: Clive's Roadhouse
    Address: 10400 Baltimore Street NE Blaine, MN - 55449
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