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    Posted: 09/06/2020

    Job Description

    Unexpected events happen. We are looking for team members who want to be involved in the lives of others to help them plan against the financial impact that occurs when the unexpected happens.

    When it comes to making responsible insurance and financial decisions, people procrastinate and purchase inferior products. These people need our help to make better and more responsible decisions.

    We are hiring new team members who have a passion for finding customers who want a professional to help them understand the best insurance and financial products that will save them from a financial disaster when the unexpected happens.

    This is a rewarding career for the right person. If you have what it takes, you will enjoy a higher income that pays you for working hard and achieving results. We will teach you the skills of insurance planning, selling, and building a strong clientele who will send you referrals and continue to purchase products from you as their life grows.

    A few years of hard work in this industry helps you build career security and a possible opportunity to eventually own an insurance agency of your own.

    If you have the following personality traits, character traits, attitudes, and motivations, we invite you to try out for our team.

    Are you…

    • Impatient for results, goal driven, and have a strong desire to be independent and in control of your destiny.
    • Safety and security is not important to you. You want an opportunity to build something that is lasting.
    • A desire to be trained to sell, to set goals, and to execute a plan of finding customers who want you to help them plan for the future and the unexpected.
    • You are confident in your abilities and an optimistic person who believes that your actions can positively impact your future. You can imagine success then create it.

    You don’t blame other people and circumstances for your challenges.

    • You like people and have a strong desire to help them.
    • You are intelligent and are willing to study and learn the necessary skills, to gain an insurance license, to learn our products, and learn to use our computer systems.
    • Your character is your strength. You are honest, hard-working, treat other people the way you want to be treated, and you take responsibility for your actions and your future.
    • You are motivated to gain financial independence by being paid for your results, so you have disciplined yourself to not get distracted by unproductive activities.
    • You see selling and building customers as a worthy profession.
    • You can serve others by listening to their challenges, discovering their needs, presenting quality solutions, then getting their commitment to take your advice.
    • You can gain customers based on the service and quality products that you recommend; even though, you may not always have the lowest price. You can get them to buy because they trust you and your service, not price.

    Career Benefits:

    • Base Salary plus a very lucrative commission program.
    • Great bonus potential for top performers
    • Paid time off - vacation, personal time, sick time and Holidays paid
    • Extensive training available

    Job Type: Full-time

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