• Building Powerful Relationship Building Opportunities

    Building Powerful Relationship Building Opportunities

    Running a business requires keeping a lot of moving parts running smoothly, especially when hit by a crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Building powerful relationships is key to alleviate current pressures while creating future growth opportunities.
    Successful businesses know that building and maintaining strong relationships with their employees, suppliers, customers, and other business owners is crucial. These relationships help sustain through challenging times as we share struggles and resources. A few tips to improve business relationships:

    1. Implement a Contact Database
    Create a database of your contacts to record recent interactions and key conversations, business or personally orientated. You should be communicating with your key contacts regularly to keep the relationship connected.
    1. It’s a Two-Way Street: Give
    All strong relationships require some give and take. Think of the friend that always asks for money, but never supports you back. That’s not a healthy relationship. A relationship supports one another. Giving does not have to be financial. Give a referral! Does one of your vendors have a problem that one of your business contacts can solve?
    1. Encourage Feedback and Listen
    Ask for constructive feedback. “What can we do to make this process better? What can our business do to become stronger with your services?” Implementing their feedback tells them that you value their opinion. Listen to the advice of experts. If one of your contacts is an expert in supply management, ask for guidance.
    1. Be Real and Be Personal
    Business relationships are about the people within them. Be yourself, be real, be honest, own your mistakes, and suggest solutions. This helps build trust and confidence in you and your business.
    The final tip, for when this social isolation is finally lifted, is to meet face-to-face if possible and thank each other for the support during this crisis.
    At the MetroNorth Chamber of Commerce, we are proud to offer our programming via virtual options during COVID-19 so that businesses can continue to build relationships. For more information, visit metronorthchamber.org or email chamber@metronorthchmber.org.

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