• Q: If I join the MetroNorth Chamber of Commerce, how will it help me and my business?

    A: Our purpose is to bring people together to build relationships, to build business, and to build communities. Every month we host engaging and informative meetings with numerous networking opportunities. We present continuing educational topics on relevant issues like marketing in tough economic times.

    When it comes to issues facing businesses on a local, state, and national level, the Chamber gives you a voice and advocates on your behalf. For example, we successfully advocated eliminating local taxes on gas and electric rates, saving businesses thousands of dollars every year.

    Q: What if I have a problem with a city or county issue?

    A: The Chamber has helped many businesses in the past by sending representatives to city and county meetings, representing not only your business but many businesses at once – which makes the council pay more attention.

    Q: What do I do once I join?

    A: Take advantage of what we have to offer! Attend whichever networking, social, or educational events that interest you and fit your schedule. Join one of our many committees, which allow you to have an even greater voice in Chamber issues as well as allow you to meet additional business leaders. Host an educational seminar in our conference room, giving you further exposure to our members. Use our mailing list to contact businesses in the area. The opportunities are endless!

    Member Testimonials

    "I met Dean Hancy of PC Bits through MetroNorth's Sunrise Networking events. I cannot stress how helpful he was when I brought my computer in for repair. Being a nonprofit, we're always afraid of a big, unexpected bill. Dean's service price was extremely reasonable. He even helped by doubling my computer's RAM with an in-kind donation. It's great to have someone willing to go the extra mile for their customer." 

    Steve Griffiths, Stepping Stone Emergency Housing

    "I love all the great benefits of being a member of the MetroNorth Chamber of Commerce. My favorite is the social networking events. It’s great to have the opportunity to connect and really get to know other business people within our own community. Terry and I have met a lot of great people, and built lasting relationships and even close friendships through these events. We do business directly with many of them and feel confident enough to refer them to our customers, friends and family too."

    Gina Overacker, Terry Overacker Plumbing

    "I would have never had the courage to go into business for myself without the examples I’ve been shown and the relationships I’ve made with this chamber. My career has evolved in ways I never thought possible. Being part of the chamber has given me the ability to transition into new opportunities alongside respected colleagues, other successful professionals, and friends to support me along the way. I’ve embraced change in the workplace, but the one thing that has remained the same I feel most grateful for is; the strategic and personal benefits of being part of Working With Women and the MetroNorth Chamber of Commerce."

    Mandy Meisner, Anoka County Commissioner

    "I'm Bud from Schaaf Floral but really, what else is new? We provide flowers for all occasions. We make them special just for you. How are we able to do this? In this ever expanding world we know, we get help from some of our friends and that's what I'm here to show. Open IP Solutions is the phone system in our store. We found them much better and less expensive, but Tom can tell you much more. You all know about PC Bits, Dean is my man of the hour. He can fix any computer problem. He's truly got tremendous brain power. I can't forget e-Merge Online Marketing. Theresa and Dick are the team. They do our social media, that's an area that can be a nightmare or a dream. Then there's Angie at Angco. I've never gotten use to that name, but I overlook it when I need her. She and Amy get the work done just the same. I can't forget Beth Whelan who's helped us a time or two. No matter your business need, there are folks here to help you. Then there's Danielle at Essentially Massage who keeps my arthritis in check. She truly knows what she's doing. Watch me walk, my back is a wreck. I got my cancer insurance from Troy, it was a deal I couldn't resist. If you don't use it, you get a refund. Are you starting to get the gist? I can't forget my buddy Lance. Chiroway keeps my spine in line. So remember, if you need help with something, we're all sitting on a gold mine! I'm Bud from you know where, and if you're not happy, We don't care! (Just kidding)"

    Bud Dauphin, Schaaf Floral


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