• Health and Wellness in the Workplace

    Health and Wellness in the Workplace

    A healthy employee is a productive employee! Promoting health and wellness is more than providing extended benefits, it is promoting a health-conscious lifestyle in your workplace. As an added bonus, encouraging health and wellness may result in reduced absenteeism and increased employee focus, so bolstering workplace wellness is a wise investment in your business. Here are a few low-cost ways that you can use to implement health and wellness.
    Nutrition - Swap out the meeting donuts with a healthier alternative such as fruit and yogurt. Employees may be more encouraged to pack a lunch (and thereby healthier options than fast food) if there is an onsite lunchroom or at least a place to warm up food.
    Physical Activity - Get outside! Consider having walking breaks or even walking meetings. Start a fitness challenge or train for a run together. If you have space, offer fitness classes like yoga onsite.
    Work-Life Balance - Encourage employees to leave their work at the workplace so they can connect with their family while at home. If it’s possible, offer flex days or earned days off.
    Mental Health - Encourage connection in the workplace and build community and morale. Consider inviting a speaker to educate your staff about mental health. If your business provides health benefits, see if counseling can be included.

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