• Retaining Summer Employees

    Retaining Summer Employees

    What about those seasonal employees? As business owners, nothing hurts more than losing a seasonal employee mid-summer and being short on workers. It results in long hours for you or your other employees. Consider these five tips on how to retain your seasonal employees and prevent burnout. In fact, these tips can be used for permanent employees as well.

    1. Offer a Valuable Experience
    Provide opportunities for your employees to grow and expand. Active learning will increase your employees' overall engagement. Find relevant webinars or local professional development opportunities (like attending a chamber event!). Have them shadow another employee to learn about future opportunities.
    1. Create a Community
    Plan community-building activities like lunchtime walks or host a BBQ. Do a team challenge together and raise money for a good cause. Ensure they feel part of the team by attending staff and other appropriate meetings.
    1. Give Them a Break
    Provide flexible hours so that your employee can enjoy the summer. Consider adding time Monday to Thursday or allowing shorter lunch breaks so that they can leave early on Friday.
    1. Acknowledge Their Achievements
    Recognition is important.  Check-in with your employees and commend them on a job well done. Small gift cards, thank you notes or treats can go a long way. Some people love public recognition (i.e.social media) while others do not, so be sure you know prior to any posts.
    1. Let Your Employees Know Your Business’ Mission
    Your employee isn’t flipping burgers, they’re satisfying hunger. Your employee isn’t teaching swim lessons, they’re helping create memories. Your employee isn’t just filing paperwork, they’re ensuring customers experience exceptional service. Ensure your employees know how they are part of the company’s success.
    Employees that see that their job makes a difference and that they’re being recognized for their contribution will enjoy working for you. It will also inspire them to come back next summer and/or stay at your organization.

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