• Sunrise Highlight-Play at Work

    Sunrise Highlight-Play at Work

    At the June 7th Sunrise, the owner of Urban Air Adventure Park Coon Rapids, Brandy Gilbert, spoke on one of her favorite topics: Play! Did you know that play is just as important for adults as kids?
    By incorporating play in your workplace, you will help reduce stress, build a stronger community, and boost productivity. Research shows that employees who play have a more balanced life and report fewer sick days.
    So, how can you encourage your workplace to get out from behind their computer screens and move and have fun?
    Some ideas include using fun icebreakers before meetings, moving a meeting outside, or plan team-building activities. Brandy’s favorite way to boost play in the workplace is by setting up a selfie station. Post some of these fun photos around the office and watch the culture change – for the better!
    For more ideas, contact Brandy. Better yet, attend the next Sunrise. Not only will Brandy most likely be there, you’ll hear from more great speakers and see just how energizing a Sunrise breakfast can be.

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