• Sunrise Highlight-The Importance of Legal & Identity Protection

    Sunrise Highlight-The Importance of Legal & Identity Protection

    Sheri Erickson spoke at one of our previous Sunrise events and discussed the importance of having legal and identity protection. A staggering statistic is that only 17% of identity theft is related to money or financials. Sheri then shared her 3 take aways with the group.

    When it comes to legal and identity theft, people never think it will happen to them. They always think “I’m responsible, no one will steal my identity.” Identity theft has been the top consumer complaint for the last 16+ years. Its not a matter of it, but when. Many people think that when identity theft happens that people get ahold of your bank account information and start shopping. Surprisingly, Medical identity theft is the fastest growing area of theft. Money and financial identity theft only accounts for 17% of incidents.

    The second take away is having a will and estate planned along with health care directives. This makes choices for your loved ones easier and ensures that your wishes get carried out.

    The last take away is having a plan in place. Restoration. Having a team that helps with restoration is crucial after an incident. Private investigators help to make things right for you at LegalShield.

    For more information, contact Sheri. Better yet, attend the next Sunrise. Not only will Sheri most likely be there, you’ll hear from more great speakers and see just how energizing a Sunrise breakfast can be.

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