• Tips on Smart Marketing

    Tips on Smart Marketing

    At a recent Sunrise, we had Laurie Ferrence of Hubbard Broadcasting share some tips on smart marketing plans. Here is a summary of the presentation:

    Events like the Covid-19 outbreak define the consumption habits of consumers and the perception of brands for years to come. It is vital to continue to keep your company top of mind with a smart marketing plan as it will pay off for you for years to come.  Creating a road map for the immediate future and letting consumers know your company is ready to support them as they adjust to a new normal is an important part of securing your position going forward.   Follow a process to reevaluate who your target customer is, what is important to them that you provide, be aware of your competition and position your company to showcase how you deliver what your customers want and need better than your competition.  From this develop your marketing messaging to demonstrate your passion and empathy to support customers and your community while planning for shifts in buying behavior and staying nimble to adjust as needed.
    For more information, contact Laurie. Better yet, attend the next Sunrise. Not only will Laurie most likely be there, you’ll hear from more great speakers and see just how energizing a Sunrise breakfast can be.

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