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    MetroNorth will be providing resources and programming on a leadership-focused topic each month. The 1st Friday Sunrise speaker will speak on the identified topic and then follow up with a free one-hour Mastermind session later in the month (open to all MetroNorth members). Attend one or both! Other applicable resources will be featured in the weekly e-newsletter, social media, website, etc. We are excited to bring relevant leadership resources to you and your business!

  • March: Live and Work In Your Strengths

    Brandy Gilbert, Urban Air Adventure Park/Crisp & Green, guided us on how to capitalize upon our strengths in our personal and professional lives. See below for some resources to gain more knowledge on this topic.


    Gallup Strengths Assessment *this does cost money, but is worth the investment.


    How to Be a Better Leader

    There may not be an "I" in team, but there is an "I" in disengaged. What does this have to do with leadership? Well, regardless of what, why and where you lead, you -- as the leader -- are directly responsible for the engagement of those who follow you. READ MORE

    Leader Authenticity Starts With Knowing Yourself

    Leaders hold the power to realize -- or vaporize -- incredible organizational performance. Their capacity for leadership determines the future of those they lead.

    Yet many leaders are unsure what it takes to be a great, authentic, inspiring leader -- someone who motivates employees to bring their A-game to work every day. Someone who consistently sparks growth and sustains their company through market disruptions. READ MORE

    Great Leaders Have These Behaviors in Common

    Great leaders know that development is a necessity -- not a "nice to have." They're obsessed with personal growth and relentlessly focused on growing their leadership abilities. READ MORE




    Strengths Finders 2.0 by Tom Rath (find in the Leadership Library)


    It's time to tap into your strengths. From craddle to cubicle, you have talents that you can maximize on instead of always trying to fix your weaknesses. While this book can be read in one sitting, it is also a guide to refer to year after year to dive deep into the strengths you have.

    Sunrise Take-away's

    Long gone are the days of action plans on your weaknesses/opportunities. We need to embrace and action around what we are good at. If we do this, everyone around us will benefit. View full take-away's HERE.

    February: Personal Behavior Styles Using DiSC

    Stefani Havel, your 2023 Board of Directors Chair, led the charge in our discussion on personal behavior styles using DiSC as our guide. See below for some resources to gain more knowledge on this topic.

    Free Assessment

    DISC Assessment: Free personality test and DISC profile (tonyrobbins.com)


    Introduction to DiSC

    Scott Schwefel -Ted Talk - Your Personality and your Brain- - Bing video


    The Seven Levels of Communication by Michael J. Maher (find in the Leadership Library)

    Follow Rick Masters, a struggling real estate agent, on his journey from his “ego era” to his “generosity generation.” You will learn the same tips and tricks that not only helped Rick find success, but also significance. This book is much more than just referrals – it will feed your mind and soul as well.

    How to Talk to Anyone by Leil Lowndes

    This book is an assortment of tips to lead you to mastering the art of human communication, make exceptional first impressions and help others feel comfortable around you, no matter their background.

    Overall Takeaway's

    The most effective salespeople are those who are able to quickly identify the buyer's personality, then adapt their communication and approach accordingly. This approach is what separates DISC selling from other sales approaches.

    Using DISC method , the salesperson can follow a framework of questions that will help them understand their buyers' problems, interests, and concerns and build trust to advance the sales process.

    Having the knowledge of how to adapt your communication to suit your client's unique needs can make all the difference in how they feel about you and their purchase decision.  A DISC Sales Report also gives managers the insights they need to guide their sales teams.

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