• The MetroNorth Chamber is pleased to announce the launch of our new LEADER group, designed to help members Lead, Elevate, Accelerate, and Develop through Education and Resources. The group will be focused on three areas: Connecting members to resources, curating applicable content, and facilitating relevant Programming.


    Of course, we have always strived to bring members excellent LEADER-strong content and speakers through our many programs. Here’s a few examples:  


    At the 2Q Coon Rapids Business Council, attendees heard from Cole Hanson, the Worksite Wellness Coordinator for the Anoka County SHIP Program. Here’s some information on what they offer 


    Are you interested in improving your bottom line, retaining your best employees, and making a difference in your community all at the same time? Anoka County SHIP is here to help your organization do all of this and more! Anoka County SHIP is a program of Anoka County Public Health and Environmental Services, and focuses on making “the healthy choice, the easy choice” across our entire county. Our Worksite Wellness program supports organizations large and small in doing right by their employees, whether it is remodeling a break room, building a lactation space for new parents, or preventing mental health crises in the workplace.  


    We combine the resources of a wellness consultancy with the accountability of public health to give all Anoka County organizations access to high-quality and field-tested programs to improve the wellbeing of everyone in their organization. This free program is available to all Anoka County based businesses and offers grant assistance to support the things you want to do. Are you curious, or would you like to know more? Contact Cole Hanson, Anoka County SHIP’s Worksite Wellness Coordinator, 612-759-7563 or cole.hanson@co.anoka.mn.us. 


    At the June 1st Friday Sunrise, attendees heard from William Miller, HighPower Data & Design, on the 5 things your website must do to get a response. Here’s a summary:  


    “At HighPower Data & Design, we follow the StoryBrand philosophy by Donald Miller. That is, your website must speak to the heart story which everyone has. Your customer/client is the hero of their story, they, as the hero, have a mission to achieve, and you are the guide who will show them their way to victory.  Use Star Wars as an example. The customer/client is Luke Skywalker. He has a mission to blow up the Death Star. You are Obi Wan Kenobi, and your job is to guide him to use the force, so that he can achieve success.  


    Now, apply this to you. You have a customer/client with a problem; needs insurance, has a leaky basement, needs to get in shape, etc. You can guide them (not SELL them) to achieve their desired outcome.


    Based on this philosophy, here are the five things your website must do to get a response:  


    1. Offer an Aspirational Goal. Show them what they can achieve if they come to you.

    2. Be Customer-Centric. Talk about them and THEIR needs. Do not announce all YOUR awards and achievements. Focus on THEM; their problems, goals, hopes, dreams, and needs.

    3. Have a Clear Call to Actions. What do you want to DO once they are on your site? Call? Click? Fill out a survey? Tell them very clearly, “Call this number...click here...fill this out...”

    4. Have many graphics and few words. People do not read front page websites. Save the details for other pages. Once you have convinced them that you can solve their problems, then go into details.

    5. Capture data to grow your list. You do have a growing contact list, right? Exchange valuable information with them for their email address. 


    As a bonus, here are five things you should not do:


    1. Be filled with many, many words.

    2. Talk about YOUR accomplishments

    3. Be too busy (moving GIF’s, sound, music, unrequested videos, etc.)

    4. Hide your contact and location

    5. Be out of date (The ‘90’s are calling, and they want your website back).” 


    If we had more space, we’d do a recap of the phenomenal presentation by Jill Morrison of Bee Memorable Marketing at the May Working with Women meeting, at which she gave incredibly insightful remarks on how to market to millennials 


    If you are interested in shaping one of the three LEADER areas of focus, OR if you feel your expertise would be a good fit in one area or another such as speaking at a MetroNorth program (be like Cole and William!), reach out to Lori Higgins.  


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